Indoor Climbing

Summer’s almost over but the heat still remains. If you’re dying to get a good workout but can’t bear the warmth, indoor climbing is the perfect activity. The popularity of the sport is increasing because it doesn’t just cater to adults. Even very young children can engage in some fun in a safe environment, not possible with outdoor rock climbing. Supervisors and trainers are always on call if you need tips or find yourself stuck at an awkward height.

Like many full-body workouts, indoor climbing exercises the whole body. You don’t need super strong arms and legs to make your way up, just sign up for a beginner’s class to get started. It does help if your fitness levels are better than negligible but that shouldn’t stop you from giving it a try. It focuses on the entire body but lays emphasis on the hands and forearms, areas which are frequently neglected in ordinary workouts.

  • A huge calorie burner

According to research, indoor and outdoor climbing both burn up to 970 calories an hour depending on gender and height. And calorie burning doesn’t stop there. Even rappelling down is a workout, capable of shedding